Zipix Studios Lord of the wings Project

The Beauty of creativity is in creativity itself.

Before you tell a story, you should have an idea of what kind of story it is. Having the frame work in videography¬†isn’t enough. Knowing things like what kind of audience the content is created for, what kind of feeling you are hoping to achieve and the memory it should imprint in the viewers minds needs to considered.

Our Story

Our Founders will watch local TV Stations and often wondered why most often the quality of the images and videos were mediocare, so they started their research and Discovered the camera and the videographer used in shooting a project plays a 90% role inn the overall quality of the project .leaving out 10% to factors like location, weather, props, clothing, e.t.c. So they decided they will invest thier time and resources into learning all it takes to produce rich quality videos and imagery.

Lord of the wing project Black label

Our Design Process

We Listen to what you want, i.e the concept behind your taught and show your various ways these ideas can come to life

Talk with you

We ask as many questions as possible after you have explained to us your ideas for your project


We shoot making sure all the right pieces are in place to capture the story the way you want and of course give our expert sugggestion in the process


Our Creative  Photo & Video editers will give you tremendous satisfaction as they love what they do and continue to learn and innovate in their space.