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Wedding Photography

When two individuals decide to unite as one for the rest of thier lives they normally do so through a wedding. This very distinctive day needs to be documented properly in order to relive this moment over and over again. At Zipix Studios we freeze thse moments through images and videos

zipix studios food photography

Food Photography

Food photography is food expression through images that describes the food at one glance. you should let the world see your food for what it is through beautiful images. Hit us up to make this change
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We design amazing flyers that trully speaks to your brand. Getting your message accross with flyers require a distinctive easy to picture message that consumers can understand right away without having to read long text. we have you covered.

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Model Photography

Model photography goes beyond posing for great pictures, again the purpose for which the model is modeling for has to be engrained vividly in the image. Zipix studios is here to help you bring your modeling photos to life.

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Product Photography

Showcasing imagery of products you sell has been around since the inception of the  internet. However with a rapid pace of tech-innovation you might find your self lacking behind if your images are not of a high definition. standard. manual and virtual props coupled with intentional photo editing takes product photography to a whole new level. Customers can now have a deep 360 Degree look at images and feel they are holding them ergo increasing purchasing decisions. 

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Videos as you might have heard already is king in todays marketing. However understanding the dynamics behind the various platforms where your videos will be uploaded to, is even more crucial to the video-shoot planning process. Certain audiences will consume content that is upclose to them and fits into specific aspect ratios which as you can imagine would mean having different video files  for the various audiences you are targeting. You need a company that inderstands it all but most importantly you need experts that are continullay learning. Zipix Studios offers you that and more.

We just love the details of Photography & Videography